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mur des canuts
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Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière.
The most visited place in Lyon. Built by Bossan in the late century 19th. Great church and unforgettable sight on the town. Museum. Musée des Beaux Arts
Great Art collections and exhibitions. Remarkable Saint Pierre palace and inside garden on Place des Terreaux. (Designed by Buren)
Primatiale Saint Jean BaptisteSaint Jean The big Gothic cathedral in Lyon. Astronomic clock and treasure. In the very center of "Saint Jean" area, included in Humanity Patrimony by UNESCO. Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décoratifs.musee des tissus
Unique collections ! Located in a remarkable 17th century mansion in the very center of the town.
Institut LumièreInstitut Lumière
The Lyon Cinematheque, great retrospectives with all the best filmmakers in the world. Museum Lumière. In October, the "Lyon Lumière Festival" is a great event.  During Summer,  free "Open Air Cinema" Musée Gallo Romainmusee gallo In the archaeological Roman site, most important for all "antiquity lovers".
Lyon Antic history explain to you.

MuséeGadagnegadagne Lyon history museum. International museum for puppets.
Renaissance mansion.

Institut d'Art ContemporainInstitut art cont Place for creation, experimentation and research for Modern Art.
Musée d'Arts Contemporainsmac Collections and exhibitions, the main  Museum  of Modern Art of Lyon.
Centre de la déportationdeportation Museum and Memory ad historical center. Collections and Exhibitions.
Parc animalier de Courzieucourzieu
Birds of prey, Wolves, exhibitions, events organization.
Parc des Oiseauxparc oiseaux

The big European ornithological Park. Exhibitions, in live.
Musée Malartremusee malatre
Cars, motorcycles, Transports, large collections  presented in a marvelous sight. Musée des confluencesmusee des confluences
Today, exhibition in the  "Musée Gallo Romain".
The future Museum is to be built on the very merge Rhône/Saône.

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